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Supersize this!

The whole world is getting faster in everything like cars, food, technology, internet, etc. Americans are a great contributor to the fast lifestyle. I’m here to talk about one in particular. The Fast Food Lifestyle!

I work at a southern fast food restaurant chain here in the “Bible Belt.” Now, I started there when I was sixteen to make some cash. I stuck with the job all the way to college. Now, I only work there on my breaks to save money to help with school. I’ve always said that everyone should work fast food to know what it is like.

For some odd reason, people believe that fast food workers have no souls, they do not actually exist besides at the restaurant. We have no feelings either apparently, and it is the low-end employee’s fault for every thing that goes wrong. We apparently control the price of food and the procedures of doing things.

Most of the elderly are nice retired hard-working Americans. Then there are some who see it their way and not the company’s policy. The regulars are easy-going customers, but then there are some that expect you to know exactly how they like it.

Everyone has had a bad experience with fast food (if you eat it). Patience is key. I mean, there are situations that aren’t acceptable and you should complain. Why be rude to the people who you think, are nasty-spit-in-your-food people, make your food? We should bow down to the middle class working world because it’s not a “real job.” The employees that work there must be stupid and high school dropouts. We’re just damned fast food employees, I guess. “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”

P.S. We hear everything you say in the drive thru, and we’re laughing.



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The Best Friend Departure

Soon my friend departs, it will be quite a test, the strength of our friendship will be stretched,                    across an ocean to a foreign land. Who knows what changes occur in one year, at our age,                           at the ages of just finding out who you truly are and will be, the mental stability that comes with adulthood.        The anguish that I will feel will most likely be mutual, but he must do this, for this is the lesser of two evils,      to go and expand his horizons, to learn, to enjoy, and to experience. These are natural desires that are repressed by many, but not my friend. He is a brave, strong person, who in the end will be remembered more than most. Yes I will miss my friend, Cole, but when he comes home, the joyous celebrations will commence. For I believe that although it will be tough on a friendship to be apart for a year, we have the bond of brothers, and this is for a lifetime, no matter where you go, nor how long, you’re stuck with me forever.

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Brothers in the Sky with Diamonds

Time is fleeting just two more hits

Walking fast to explore this

Pushing forward to the world unknown

As if our destinies were already shown

Must go on can’t look back

Can’t see anything in our path

Purple explodes and clouds appear

We just need someone real here

Hello Strawberry Fields Forever

Our cigarettes ash never

We’re in the den with our brothers

The world under us just hovers

The Blue Stain on the floor

This isn’t my room anymore

Our bonds will never lack

Heaven to Hell and back


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Stylin’ and Profilin’

One day, I clocked in at work and went to my prepared station. It was a normal day, the day before the Fourth of July weekend. This heavy-set jolly African-American lady was working the same station as me. She actually trained me a year or two ago when I first started. That day she seemed kinda gloomy.

Now, being the person that I am, I try to converse and make her laugh. She speaks but doesn’t say too much. I ask her what she is planning on doing for the weekend coming up. She tells me that her husband just left her and that she will be alone. At first, I didn’t know what to say. Hell, I’m young man with no serious relationship and she was a middle-aged woman who was in love. So I tell her this.

“You’re gonna go out, buy you some shoes and a little black dress. We’re going to go to his work and make a ‘walk’ around the store. We are going to make him jealous and let him see the mistake he has made.”

From then on out, she’ always comes in work and her face lights up and she tells me about her new self-confidence and that we are going to take that “walk” soon.

“You’ve got a friend in me.”


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Frenchmen play football?

I woke up this morning with a text message which is unusual nowadays. It was from Sundance, that dated 8/20 at 3:03 a.m. Now, this usually wouldn’t surprise me; however, Sundance is not the type of person to be awake past one or two o’clock.

Before I opened it, I guessed it would be some crazy thoughts he had to put down on a message so that he could recall his exact thoughts later. When I opened it I was stunned, his exact words read, “This french girl aszked me to spend the night and then cokc block by frebchman.” I couldn’t help but grow a grin and chuckle a little bit. Why? It’s because he has the same luck as me. In the end, I felt bad for him, and I hope he gets to stay the night with a French girl that has a cute accent. “What we have here is…failure to communicate.”



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