The Best Friend Departure

23 Aug

Soon my friend departs, it will be quite a test, the strength of our friendship will be stretched,                    across an ocean to a foreign land. Who knows what changes occur in one year, at our age,                           at the ages of just finding out who you truly are and will be, the mental stability that comes with adulthood.        The anguish that I will feel will most likely be mutual, but he must do this, for this is the lesser of two evils,      to go and expand his horizons, to learn, to enjoy, and to experience. These are natural desires that are repressed by many, but not my friend. He is a brave, strong person, who in the end will be remembered more than most. Yes I will miss my friend, Cole, but when he comes home, the joyous celebrations will commence. For I believe that although it will be tough on a friendship to be apart for a year, we have the bond of brothers, and this is for a lifetime, no matter where you go, nor how long, you’re stuck with me forever.

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One response to “The Best Friend Departure

  1. garrett

    August 31, 2011 at 1:44 am

    fuck yeah dude.


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