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Would you like Bittersweet in your Tea of Life?

A few years back, I had a thing for this girl. This absolutely beautiful girl. Her features were merely just eloquently brushed on by the paint strokes of God. She was a masterpiece. I had it bad for her…and I mean bad. I had a quest for love which was nothing short of romantic. If you would have looked up the word Romantic, you would have found my name under it.

So, needless to say I was rejected…time after time. Eventually, I realized there was no hope and I needed to move on. I did just that. After my scars healed, I became very good friends with her. Everything was normal, no feelings…except a small lingering one that was burrowed away in my soul. I could sense the same.

Years have past and we have kept in touch ever so often. Every time we saw each other, a vibe was floating around. It wasn’t a sexual or awkward. It was a vibe of something that we couldn’t explain.

What happened is…I was too late. I was told too late. I was told the things I always wanted to hear. To hear those words, it came with sincerity but the sincerity burned my almost completed bridge to the end. I saw her waiving at the end of the bridge as I was laying my last brick but she said, “I’d never want to change you.” The bridge fell and crashed into the rushing waves of the blue abyss. I looked up through the restless water at the silhouette of beauty at the end. I reach forth. I blink my eyes, and the silhouette is no more. Only the bright yellow sun stalks me. I never got to say, “I’ve already changed before I knew.”

“Woman of my dreams. I don’t sleep, so I can’t find her.”


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The Maiden Voyage of The Gooch

We were young, we were stupid, we were brave, we didn’t have anything better to do.

Sundance was up early one morning trying to roll down a hill with a skateboard the wrong way to do…well…whatever he wanted to do. Now, the whole Hole-in-the-wall Gang was there that night for a classic get together. This morning we were adventurous and we decided to join him. Which led to the idea of “Why don’t we build a downhill cart?”

So, let me stress this out to you. None of us, I mean, none of us, knew anything about building things or how to use tools. However, for two whole weeks or so, everyone would meet up at Sundance’s house and we used anything we could find. Old wood, stole some nails from Lowes, bicycle tires, old tools, etc. It was funny to see all of us working together to make….to make…a..a..uhh….MONSTAA.

The Gooch was created.

Humanity has no hope.

We decided to test it down this hill at another member’s house. When we arrived with the trailer containing the Gooch on that brisk cool morning. Touch ups needed to be done. Preparations must be completed. We fixed it as much as we could, and broke a hammer in the process. Time to board the madness.

Four people.

Four bicycle tires.

We fit three people on, now…it’s the driver that must get into position. Sundance was the driver, because he put the most work into it and he was crazy enough to do it.

He sits.

Steering column snaps.

A bunch of us laughed, a few remained silent because we put so much work into it and now it’s pretty much over. Everything we tried, nothing seemed to work.

*********************R.I.P. THE GOOCH************************************


Equipped with two razor scooters as the steering wheel, and skateboard for the rear. We decided to test the treacherous hill. We push off!

Going so slow.

Then…we make the turn.

We’re going really damn fast…my god.

We were filled with adrenaline, fear, and amazement. We were speeding down the hill and then we thought.

How are we going to stop?

We make it almost all the way to the end of the hill. We start going left, and…


We crash.

We are crazed with amazed commotion and we laugh. The two people wearing helmets, hit their head, and the two that didn’t have helmets, were okay. Funniest thing that has happened in forever and it came in an ugly fashion.

We did it.

If you don’t believe me, we have the video on youtube. If you comment on this, I will post it for everyone.

“Friends forever”



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