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Full of Sleep Hollow

The road I travel is padded by autumn leaves on a brisk cool morning. It is not bright outside, it’s still dark. I travel alone with no interruption but the world passing behind me in the distance. Orange glimmers through the trees and splashes on every individual brick. The fog intensifies the robust color. Heartbeat, my feet, and far away cars are floating on the very light breeze. I could walk here forever, but do I want too? Should I reach the end? “Maybe it’s better if I just stay here,” as I tread on. The orange light has a studder and the fog clears. The road is now visible, I know my path. Strangely enough, I’m not excited to know what’s coming. I enjoy being blind to the world like a kid.

“Isn’t it kinda funny, isn’t it kinda sad? The dreams in which I’m dying, are the best I’ve ever had.”


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Interview with a fan of a fan

Interview with Cole Morton about Ocean Architecture

by: Cole Morton

(Cole)- Cole, when you first heard the name Ocean Architecture what came to mind?

(Cole)- I thought of buildings in water. Like rusty oil rigs and flooded houses.

(Cole)- Interesting…Did that perspective change after you heard them. What were the new images in your head?

(Cole)- I now think of large buildings crumbling into the deep abyss. Imagery similar to Inception.

(Cole)- What do you think about this upcoming band?

(Cole)- Well, Cole, I’d have to say I was skeptical about their music…..until I heard it. This isn’t some band made up of punks looking to take down society, scene kids hating the world, or some dumb headbangers that worship breakdowns, these guys are musicians.

(Cole)- Ah I see, now, what about their style? What is so unique?

(Cole)- First off, they are all talented in their own ways. They are making art. An art that some do not appreciate, but everyone needs to actually stop what they are doing and pay attention to these guys. Parker is just a mad vocalist, so versatile. Kyle(Rufus) can just shred on guitar, so much potential in the kid, Eric keeps the band going like a heart beat, a huge piece to their success, Nic is absolutely sick, he strives to be the best. Finally, Joe is a master of the keyboard, he is the glue to the band.

(Cole)- Can you tell me about their origin and fan support?

(Cole)- They started in the dorm we all lived in. We had a name, and that was the Lyon Crew(the dorm we lived in). They had the idea to start a band, and they started off hot and fast. They had a few bumps in the road, while they had to replace the former lead singer Cedric. They acquired Parker, and then OA just took off exponentially. Their fan support comes from where they started, the Lyon Crew family. We will always be behind them in their journey. They also have support from other friends and bands that they’ve met on their adventure.

(Cole)- Okay, Cole, well that about wraps it up. Tell me one last thing. Why should I go to an OA concert?

(Cole)- I mean if you’re not a fan of originality and art, than don’t come. Don’t pretend to enjoy it. These guys are getting big, they could be the next big band to come out of Murfreesboro. The sky is the limit. If you are ready to hear some heart-stopping breakdowns, brain-melting riffs, brilliant lyrics, and some out-of-this-world keyboarding than get your fucking ticket now. Thanks for having me Cole.

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The Black Dahlia Murder?

So, I’m abroad right now in a very similar country but strikingly different. Oxymoron? Maybe. However, no one will know what I’m talking about unless they’ve been there. That country is Germany. I’m here for a student exchange program, and now hell is about to break loose.

I met some very nice people since I’ve been here. More recently than the first few days. I met up with some of the American students. They invited me out to a new dance club that just opened up (they’ve been there for a month, so they know the night life very well). So, I decided to tag along and meet some new people because, hey, that’s what it is about, right? Well…they happened to pick a Gothrock/ElectroBody/Industrial club, not to familiar with that are you? Neither am I.

Let me explain to you. I’m a nice person, open-minded, well-behaved(unless there is liquor involved), and just a down-to-earth guy. I’m not trying to toot my own horn, I’m just giving everyone a description from people’s opinions. I am not one style, I have many, I do not dress a certain way. However…I don’t dress Goth, neither do I hang out with any(not because I don’t like them, I just don’t know any.)

Well, I had a few beers and we started dancing. I love to dance. We were just minding our own business when they were like you should go dance with those guys. These guys were doing a Goth dance? They would do a drunk-looking swagger back and forth. So I did that, but I put style because it was an upbeat song. This apparently didn’t sit well with this chick.

I noticed he bumped into me with his elbow, and I was kinda finished dancing crazy. He did it again. Accident? Maybe. Again? Yeah, he doesn’t know who he is f***ing with. So I gave him a elbow or two. Then I started dancing crazy because it’s apparently what they don’t like. She comes up to me and pushes me, but prances away because, she doesn’t want none :D. I give a smile, and start dancing looking at them with my big grin. They don’t want none.

After that was done with, I danced a few more songs and I decided to go outside for a breath of fresh air. It was very nice, but it’s time to go back inside. Once, inside, the girls wanted me to keep dancing. So, I did. When all of a sudden these hands were on my waist(which I thought it was my friend). It was some Goth girl in a Catholic school girl skirt grinding on me. I went a long with it because I can booty dance. Don’t judge me :D. Then I decided to get behind her, because that’s the more appropriate position. She decide just to dance face to face, which she was feeling on my body. Then she started making out with me. Why not? She looked okay an inch away. Then she put her hands in my pants >.>…I don’t mind haha. Then started kissing some more…song was done…she walked away. Apparently, to my friends, she didn’t look that great xD

I went back to my friends and danced some more.


Interesting night.

“Say hello to my little friend”


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